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A ‘Piramide’ (pyramid) is a strong building due to the fact that all stones support each other to support the top, one overall objective. Not each stone needs to be the same however they have to complement each other.
This is a metaphor which I foresee also for organizations, I am convinced that every employee of an organization must be aware of the overall objectives.

Pragmatic     Integrity     Risk Aware     Authentic     Monitoring     Integration     Determined     Evaluate

” Risk is the only certainty in your life, how do you cope with it? “

Experienced Team Player

I take pride in the fact that a number of big international companies are today using the Risk management and Compliance method I implemented there. Key in those projects were strong communication and bringing different cultures together. I am a real team-player and like to share my experience by writing articles and giving lectures on risk management.

Internationaly Orientated

I have worked as a Risk consultant in more than 26 countries, first with a bank, later at several large financial institutions. My specialty is Risk Management, Compliance and Governance.

Spoken on several conferences regarding Governance & Risk and Compliance e.g. Stockholm Risk conference Zurich SAS forum, Business connect Netherlands, DCE seminar regarding Operational risk management, Financial times event in London.


Change Management

Process Re-Engineering

Program / Project Management


Risk Management

Pierre Lommerse

Pierre Lommerse

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